Our Newest Crib Bedding Collection: Sage Chirp

I woke up this morning to an explosion of Spring!  Birds are singing, our grass is crazy green, trees are fat with leaves, and azaleas punctuate the landscape with bright pops of color.  It seems like it’s been a long time coming, what with the atypical bouts of snow we endured this winter. (my kids loved it, me…not so much)

Finally life has made its way back to our winter-worn landscape and I find myself walking with a bit more “spring” in my step (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

So with nature as our muse, we designed our newest bedding collection, Sage Chirp.

You can almost hear the cute little birds chirping as they float inside their tiny bubbles on the incredibly soft 100% Pimatex cotton.  The collection boasts shades of rich brown and sage green and our design team thoughtfully incorporated coordinating fabrics with bold stripes and geometric shapes.  Sage Chirp is both classic and modern and perfect for expecting parents who want to keep the gender of their baby a surprise.

Don’t overlook the coordinating artwork for this collection (left and right canvas & wallhanging) or the adorable round sage green rug with thick chocolate border and custom initial.  These accessories will surely complete your baby’s nursery with sophistication and style.

And remember, if there is something you’d like to “tweak” about Sage Chirp (or any of our other crib bedding sets for that matter), just drop the collection into our design-your-own interactive tool to make your baby’s bedding perfect and unique.