Gender Neutral Nursery Decorating Options

Are you faced with buying a bedding gift for an expectant friend or family member? Are you decorating for your baby’s nursery, but don’t know what you’re having? Don’t worry – there are many options for finding the perfect baby bedding set that is both stylish and practical.

Our selection of gender neutral crib bedding options is perfect for families who are waiting until baby’s birthday to find out its sex. And unlike the baby bedding picks of yesteryear, these products are modern, stylish, and completely loveable. Featuring everything from Western Pony to Just Duck, these picks sacrifice nothing on style. Our nursery decor section also offers an array of matching, gender neutral baby gifts.

For those looking for a basic solid bedding option, we have a wide variety of solid colors represented in our collection. These are also great options that lend for unlimited design ideas.


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2 Responses to “Gender Neutral Nursery Decorating Options”

  1. Jenny B Says:

    This is great, but I wonder what percentage of today's expectant mothers actually choose to wait until the baby's birthday to find out the gender. It makes the pre-birth planning process that much more difficult when you don't know! Sure, a lot of baby items are gender neutral, but isn't it better to know than not know? What do you think?

  2. jsherrod Says:

    That's certainly a good question. Of all of our friends, I only know of 2 couples that waited to find out – and one was my sister-in-law. We certainly found out ahead of time! We painted before we knew so we went with a yellow wall color and that left the door open for lots of possibilities. I don't know if either choice is better, but finding out certainly was the right choice for us. But for all the planning, we still didn't have a clue!

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