Featured Bedding Collection: Gray and Yellow Zig Zag

Let’s get philosophical. What is fall? A prelude to a sleepy wintry season? A reward for enduring a hot, dry summer? A celebration of the bounty of fields? A candy induced hysteria of costume wearing wild children? The answer, of course, is all of the above.  But for the astute readers out there, you may be thinking of a different answer; fall conjures bursts of color, the changing hues of trees as the leaves begin to change, the pumpkins aligned in a patch on a farm, the corn stalks, the bountiful mums, the bales of hay, the middle aged jersey-wearing sport fan drinking silver and red cans of beer in a parking lot before kickoff.  Yes, fall is a time of visual stimulation.

Let’s talk crib bedding. Our featured collection this month, Gray and Yellow Zig Zag, has a beautiful white and gray chevron pattern with a punch of Banana color. Not unlike fall, when the brilliant colors of fall turn to muted hues of winter, this 100% classic cotton twill set is sure to add a crisp, clean touch to your nursery.  The bumper features White and Gray Zig Zag along the outside with a plush interior of White Minky Chenille. Ties of Solid Banana and piping in Solid Banana add the perfect touch to this bumper.  We think this gender neutral bedding will create a look you love and bring a smile to your face even before your baby arrives.

And of course when we feature a crib bedding set, we like to give one away … see the pattern? In honor of our patterned bedding set, and fall, but mostly in honor of the guy in the jersey drinking beer, we are hosting a contest. To enter, simply tell us what fall is like in your part of the country.  Be it hay rides, cider mills, baking pumpkin pies, or something else, tell us your favorite fall tradition.  Leave a comment on our blog to enter; we’ll pick our favorite and the grand prize will be, of course, a 4-piece Gray and Yellow Zig Zag crib bedding set!  We think your new little one will love it.

Important: You must leave your comment on our blog to be eligible to win! The deadline to enter is Sunday, October 16, 2011 (midnight EDT). Good luck!

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  1. Michelle Says:

    First the bedding is gorgeous!

    We live in Florida so for us fall is HOT :) It still is a great time of year though to head outdoors. Our family loves heading to all the fall festivals for lots of yummy food and fun rides. We love heading to the pumpkin patch and making anything pumpkin flavored…our current favorite…pumpkin pancakes. And of course fall to our family means lots and lots of football…Gator football!

  2. Kimberly Willliams Says:

    I love the fall in Oklakoma. We have college football,the state fair, pumpkin patches and Oktoberfest. The is always something to do with the family in Oklahoma.

  3. Whitney Says:

    I am from the midwest and fall means Apple picking, Pumpkin carving, play dates at the park, nature walks, No air or heat on, crafts, and planing for the holidays! Would love to win for my baby boy due in Jan! Thanks for the giveaway!
    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  4. Allison Lopez Says:

    Hello Carousel designs! I recently ordered an organic crib sheet and Im still waiting for it to arrive! I absolutely adore this set in the grey and yellow! We are newly adoptive parents of a 4 month old and we are still trying to put his room together since he was a surprise! I would love one more surprise! This bedding would make his room complete!

  5. Dana Says:

    For me and my family, Fall in Toronto, Ontario Canada means beautiful colours, crisp fresh days which are perfect for walks, fallen leaves to crunch beneath our feet, piles of leaves to jump into and throw up in the air! Fall means the smell of roasts, stews and pies warming up the house! Fall means endless opportunities for amazing family photos! Fall is definitely our fav time of the year! By far our favourite family activity would be making the biggest pile of leaves we can and falling into them… we all roll around and end up with leaves everywhere and the biggest smiles on our faces!

  6. lace Says:

    We visit the cider mill at least once a week for fresh cider, donuts, and apples. We plan to decorate pumpkins soon. I'm loving fall right now. crispy leaves with great weather.

  7. Allison Lopez Says:

    Ps. Fall in our part of the world is about new beginnings with our baby boy! Thanks!

  8. Carina Says:

    I live in the Pacific NW, so fall is all about rain showers, orange leaves, and beginnings of a wonderful holiday season!

  9. Natalie Covarrubias Says:

    I absolutely love your bedding designs and the fact that you offer both toddler and crib bedding in the same styles, it's just what I was looking for as my toddler will be sharing his room with when baby arrives. Fall for us is about visiting the pumpkin patch, hay rides and making homemade tamales, of course daddy's favorite is Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest!

  10. aahaft Says:

    I live in Brooklyn. Fall is time for back to school and lots of Jewish holidays shared with family and friends

  11. Isabel Martinez Says:

    I Love the crib set…I would of never thoughof putting those colors together….I just had my 4th child n for the first tiime my husband and I are buying a crib since our daughter is out growing the bassinet…this crib set is different soft colors and i was not looking into buying "pink"…and crib sets are very expensive!!!! As well as the cribs..I hope to win this for my daughter :D. It would greatly help

  12. Isabel Martinez Says:

    I love the colors for my daughter….I'm tired of pink :D

  13. Nell Says:

    Our town has an fevestil of Pumpkins that has all kinds of booths,food & different activites for all ages.We have an wonderful time.Love the cooler weather.

  14. kellimwest Says:

    Living in the South, my favorite time of the year is the Autumn season. With changing leaves and nice moderate weather, we look forward to pumpkin patches and fall festivals. And my husband loves this time of year for the pumpkin pies!

  15. Amber Says:

    I could spend hours designing bedding on your site! Love them all, I do have a soft spot for the Chevron print though! I am a first time expectant mom, due in March and can't wait! We don't know the sex and this would be perfect for boy or girl. Thanks for the opportunity. We love fall as well, I am looking forward to starting some of our own traditions with little ones!

  16. Lyndsy Beeke Carlson Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this set!! It is BEAUTIFUL and I really appreciate how it is 100% Unisex! Thanks so much.

  17. Allison Anderson Says:

    Fall is my favorite season of the year! It's all about football, rediscovering cold weather wardrobes (boots, mittens and scarves), pumpkin spice lattes, cider and tiny dog sweaters. We live in North Carolina where fall is represented by the changing leaves. There is nothing better than driving through the state and seeing all of the beautiful leaves and anticipating cooler weather and holidays with friends and family.

  18. Lance Says:

    Fall to me brings a coming home from a long trip feeling. It seems to start when the pumpkins and hay bales appear everywhere. You start developing cravings warm drinks…hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and cider, and comfort foods like soup, chowder, and chili. It is also a time to start attending fall festivals, get lost in corn mazes, pick out your favorite pumpkin, and plan for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with those you love. It is a time of memories, of traditions, and most of all family and friends.

  19. Joanna B. Says:

    This set is amazing! I am now rethinking my color scheme for my daughters room. I’ve been avoiding the tradional nursery styles yet keeping her room innocent and youthful. I’m very excited to learn of this blog and to see what upthe future holds!

  20. Jennifer Remillard Says:

    Fall mean watching the leaves change and re-discovering the crisp air on a long walk around the neighborhood. Coming home to a low fire and snuggling with your honey. You can decorate pumpkins, drink spiced apple cider, pick apples, burn cinnamon candles, and watch football on Sundays (and Monday nights). Fall allows you to pull out the cute mittens and scarves, and choose an autumn shade for your mani/pedi. The busy nights of summer have ended and life is a little slower. You are no longer worried about being tan and bikini ready, but more excited for Halloween outfits, electric blankets, and new boots. Fall is a time to re-connect with your family and hope that winter can come a little later this year.

  21. Marlena Johnson Says:

    This bedding is very cute. & I like that it can be for a boy or girl, its very hard to find both gender things now a days. I love the fall weather but, I just recently moved from NY to AZ so my fall this year is going to be a lot different I'm sure and I will miss the changing of the leaves and all. But great job on the bedding super cute!

  22. Jennifer c. Says:

    I would love to win for a friend that had a little girl last week! Her nursery theme is Bumblebees and this is the PERFECT bedding!

    jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  23. jeannine m Says:

    I love fall, here it means the cider mill opens and we get fresh cider. then there are the pumpkin farms and hayrides

  24. Denise B Says:

    My favorite fall tradition with my family is to drive to the apple orchard, view the fall colors(just beautiful in Wisconsin), purchase Caramel Apples, buy apples and apple cider. Then to go home and make apple pie, apple butter, and of course the fabulous apple crisp.

  25. Alison Says:

    In the south, fall is FOOTBALL! Here in Georgia, fall is beyond gorgeous with the changing leaves, the decrease in the humidity, and the prefect temperatures. My favorite part of fall is decorating the house with all of the beautiful colors of fall! We just found out yesterday that were expecting our second child and I was already eyeing this bedding set on your website!

  26. amy Says:

    i would love to have this bedding i love it.iam pregant with my 4th child and it is my 4th boy.things are tight cause i am not workin and only my boyfriend is.it really would be great to have this.

  27. Cassandra Says:

    Fall here in our Family means,
    Blossoms hang round the brows of Morning, and Flourish down the bright cheek of modest Eve, the time when children's noses
    All become as red as roses And the colour of their faces Makes me think of orchard places Where the juicy apples grow, find your ball and racket, Pop into your winter jacket, With the lovely bear-skin lining. While the sun is brightly shining, Let us run and play together And just love the autumn weather. Fall for our family is an Amazing time!! We would love to win this set for our little Surprise whom will be born this winter! We are 6 months along and we are due Feb 15th! :) We do not know what we are having and we can't wait til the day he/she is born to find out! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  28. Jocelyn Says:

    This bedding is beautiful!

    In north Alabama, we love fall because it is finally ushering in some bearable temperatures! We go to the pumpkin patch, enjoy the changing and falling leaves, bake pumpkins flavored treats, and of course cheer on our favorite college football teams.

  29. Lauren Says:

    Love it!

  30. CCM Says:

    For the Missisisppi Mamas…the leaves are just starting to turn and as they do, we all put out our Fall and Halloween decorations to spur on Thanksgiving and Christmas! We Mississippi Girlz LOVE the holidays and…our sweet little babies and babies to be! And of course that's why I'm writing this as we are expecting another! :)
    We hope all of you Northern, Western and Eastern Girlz will come visit our great state of Mississippi…we have the Canton Flea Market twice a year which is one of the most popular in the South and the best sweet tea ever! Hugs Ya'LL!! :)

  31. CCM Says:

    For the Missisisppi Mamas…the leaves are just starting to turn and as they do, we all put out our Fall and Halloween decorations to spur on Thanksgiving and Christmas! We Mississippi Girlz LOVE the holidays and…our sweet little babies and babies to be! And of course that's why I'm writing this as we are expecting another! :)

  32. Glenda Shannon Says:

    new baby coming in jan. young couple little money would love to win this bedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Brooke t Says:

    Wisconsin falls are colorful! With all of the leaves changing to beautiful shades of yellows, oranges and browns.

  34. Glenda Shannon Says:

    FALL FOR US IS corn dawgs its were you go ride hayrides and punkins shoots and facepainting its about having a great time outside picking out your punkin and taking it home to crave LOVE THE FALL THE BEST PART OF THE YEAR

  35. Glenda Shannon Says:


  36. Louise B Says:

    Like many others here, we’re soon to expect our first. We both live thousands of miles away from our families & will be doing this journey without any support. Winning something like this would be amazing as it would help us out BIG TIME. :)

  37. cynthia zamora Says:

    hello carousel designs…living california fall is still summer time..we dont get to see that much of leave changing colors..We could still spend some time going swimming with the kids.As four my lil girl this will be her first time going through fall season and of course getting ready for her first halloween. I could say that fall around here is more felt during halloween. FALL is halloween time for us.

    on the other hand this beautiful bedding would be a great 1st crib bedding. We;ve never had the chance to buy her a crib bedding set so this would be a wonderful gift for our lil princess Naila whos only 9 months.

    Thank you

  38. Elizabeth Pyo Says:

    We are on our way to the pumpkin patch! Fall means hot chocolate, cozy sweaters/scarves/boot and cute hats on babe! Yummy butternut squash soup :)

  39. TinaDavis Says:

    I just recently became a mother. A single mother, 8 days ago. I had a beautiful baby girl. I always wanted a fall baby & got her. I painted thr nursery a muted banana color & have been looking for the perfect bedding. I have had the while bumblebee theme, but the yellows were just too yellow & the blacks were just really harsh. I saw this bedding & instantly fell in love. I really hope I win this crib bedding.

    I love this season. The weather here in SC this time of year is always different. Some days are still extremely hot, & other days are perfectly set at a 78 degrees w/ a breeze from the ocean. I love the cool crisp mornings with dew all over everything. The smell of fresh cut grass. I love the colors of the changing leaves. I love going to the pumpkin patch.

  40. mtorres117 Says:

    Fall for our Family in Charleston, SC is about so many many things, that it is hard to choose just one. So I won't, here we go! It's finally sleeping with the windows open. It's cinnamon candles. It's visiting granny for some collard greens and fried cornbread. It's the smell in the air that reminds us of our November wedding. It's that to die for Pumkin Roll that we get every single year from the neighborhood Highschool fundraiser. It's not raking up the leaves from the maple trees because I love the way they look and sound as they crunch on the ground. It's realizing that the guy in the jersey drinking beer, is about to be the best father you could ever imagine and all he wants in life right now is for his very pregnant wife to FINALLY select some crib bedding for baby Miles so he doesn't have to look at one more swatch! :)

  41. susanjpak Says:

    I live in North Carolina and I love it during fall. The air is crisp but not too chilly. The leaves change colors and look like water colors on a canvas or a pictures in books. In fall, the fire place is starting to go and the hot chocolate and the cider comes out. It's magical in the fall, because it's where the family gets together and is thankful for what they have. Fall is where my family shares their joys and their triumphs together over lots of food or carves pumpkins to light the pathway for the little kids in our neighborhood to trick or treat. I truly love fall in North Carolina because it is the start of the holiday season. :)

  42. Cassie Says:

    Love this bedding set! (and have had my eye on it for a while now :)) Fall in Georgia is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect with cool mornings and evenings but still warm afternoons :) The leaves change a multitude of colors and SEC football reigns :) Some of my favorite things are: going to a pumpkin patch to pick out my favorite pumpkins with my family, tailgating and watching my Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!), Pumpkin Spice lattes returning to Starbucks, breaking out the crockpot to start cooking stews and soups, and Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  43. GiannaLia Says:

    FAll is such an amazing time of year, so colorful yet so cheer ful in so many ways! We are expecting our 2nd bundle of joy, this fall my little blossom is perfecting in so many wonderful ways. We would be so grateful to have this bedding for our Fall baby!

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