Color Trends for 2009

You’ve recieved the wonderful news! You’re expecting! The excitement begins! One of the most fun yet challanging tasks is “What will we do in the nursery?” “What colors will we use?” “What motif should we go with?” It can be a bit overwelming to say the least. In todays world of cyberspace your choices are unlimited!

My suggetion would be to just have fun with it. Nursery decor should be as individual as you are and as your baby will be. Seems like for 2009 Pantone, the Fashion Color Authority, agrees with me. Their Spring/Summer 2009 color palettes lean toward “individuality” including medium pastels with a tinge of retro glamour and “independant-ism” featuring tart, bold colors.

We all know that fashion and colors tend to run full circle. Proven by the recent recurrance of the looks from the 60’s and 70’s. This look is still going strong for the baby’s room and will continue into 2009. As colors pertain to the baby’s room you can never go wrong with the tradional pink and blues….just add a twist….with all of the wonderful textures in fabrics available in today’s market it is easy to do. The textures will be sure to not only delight your little one but I am sure you will not be able to keep your hands off the incredibly soft fabric as well! Don’t believe me? Just check out our wonderful plush minky fabric and see.

Whatever you decide to do with your nursery decor just remember, have fun with it and enjoy this wonderful experience. Babies are a precious gift and will bring you a lifetime of joy! Congratulations!

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