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How To Properly Install A Crib Bumper

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Note: This was a previously-published blog post that our readers found extremely helpful…so I’ve made a few updates and posted it again.  Let us know if there are any other “how-to” topics you would find helpful!

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It’s arrived!!

No, not the little bundle of joy you have been waiting for – your nursery bedding! You anxiously unwrap it, anticipating how wonderful it is going to look on your new crib.

One key to a beautiful and safe nursery is the proper installation of crib bedding, especially the crib bumper. We have prepared this step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your new crib bedding.

Keep in mind that the bumper should fit tightly in order to provide the most security and safety. Some fabrics, such as minky, have more stretch than others. As all fabrics and patterns differ it is important to understand the fundamentals of installing the crib bumper to ensure the perfect fit.

Step 1: After unwrapping your crib bumper, look closely at each of the 3-sectioned panels at both ends of the bumper. You will notice that one of the 3-paneled end sections will be slightly shorter than the other.

You will want to start with the shortest end section. It is important that you begin by securing the corner of the short end piece to the back corner of either the headboard or footboard of the crib.

Step 2: Securely tie the corner piece of the short end to the back corner crib post.

Step 3: Position the bumper around the inside rails with the corner seams placed accordingly. The ties should be facing the outside of the bumper.

Step 4: Firmly pull the back section of the bumper until it is tight along the back rails and fasten at the other back corner (back corner #2). This may require more tension on fabrics that have a lot of stretch or “give”to them. Remember, it is important that the bumper is taut.

Step 5: Once the back corners are secure you may tie the center back ties for extra reinforcement. Now the crib bumper should be firmly attached along the back of the crib.

Step 6: Now you are ready to tie the front corners of the crib bumper in the same manner. Tie the front corner pieces to the front crib posts. Work around to the final corner where the two ends meet.

Step 7: Using the ties from the short end (Step 1) and the ties on the front section, secure both of these to the front corner crib post. To prevent gapping, criss-cross the ties before tying around the post.

Step 8: Lastly, secure the center ties on the front.

Voila! You now have a perfectly fitting crib bumper.

Now all that is left to do is stand back and admire your new nursery! And of course, decide on the drapes!


The secret to picking the perfect Crib Bedding online: Swatches!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I thought about naming this post, “The secret to picking the perfect Crib Bedding online (without pulling your hair out)”, but the title was too long and I’m a stickler for one-line blog post titles.  But, that would’ve been a fairly accurate assessment about how difficult it can be to choose the perfect baby bedding for your nursery, eh?

Ordering online can be a bit daunting regardless, but factor in the emotional nature of something like baby bedding and it can become even more challenging. Without being able to see and feel the fabrics, it’s tough to get a good sense of the bedding’s feel and quality.  And we all know how important your baby’s bedding is in the overall design of your nursery.  (It’s kind of like picking out your wedding dress…am I right?)

Fortunately, the zoom and pan features on will help alleviate some of those problems by allowing you to get a close-up view of even the smallest details of our crib bedding collections.

Even with the best of technology, though, colors of fabrics may differ from how you see them on your monitor. Until modern technology invents some way for you to feel the fabric through your computer screen, fabric swatches can be an online-orderer’s best friend.

At Carousel Designs, we want our customers to be over-the moon happy and satisfied with their purchase, because we know how important your baby’s first room is.  To ensure an exact match for your nursery, and satisfaction with fabric texture and quality, we recommend ordering swatches before placing your bedding order.  They’re only 50 cents each, and the cost of your swatches will be refunded to you when you place an order.  So it’s a win-win!

And while you’re shopping our crib bedding collections, don’t forget about our Design-Your-Own-Baby-Bedding interactive tool.  You can customize any of our collections by simply clicking “customize this collection” and adding your personal touch.  I’ve said before (but I’ll say it again), it’s baby couture!

And, as always, Customer Service is just a phone call away to help address any concerns or answer any questions.  If you’ve run into a challenging design issue or just can’t decide between toile and floral, give us a holler…we’d love to hear from you and get a real kick out of making our customers happy!

Talk to you soon!