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10 of Our Favorite Mom Sites!

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Lucky for us, there are tons of resources on the web to help new moms find answers to questions, save time and money, reconnect with the world around us, and have a little bit of fun (dispelling the myth that new moms are not able to have fun).  The only problem is that with the magnitude of sites to sort through, it may seem a bit overwhelming to find ones that are most helpful.  Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite sites, and a little information on them to help you decide if it’s something you might find useful.  Warm up that bookmark manager in your browser, you’re gonna need it!

  • Babycenter. was the first website I subscribed to when I found out I was pregnant … and five years later, I still use it as my go-to site for parenting questions. There is a wealth of information on this site as well as a great community that is monitored to maintain a respectful and relevant forum.  In addition to connecting some amazing people through their many groups, you can also read trusted advice from hundreds of experts, find medical advisory board-approved information and get support at every stage of your child’s development.
  • Macaroni Kid.  Being housebound with a newborn, or just busy with day-to-day activities, it’s great having a go-to site for family-friendly events and activities happening in your community each week.  And Macaroni Kid does just that. Sign up for a free weekly newsletter, and find out what’s happening in your backyard … from movie listings to sport classes to local concerts and parades.
  • What to Expect.  The New York Times bestseller, What to Expect When you are Expecting, is now online!  This interactive companion to the WTE books is home to an exciting, vast, yet close-knit community of one million parents – sounds cozy, doesn’t it!  In 2009, WTE went mobile with the WTE Pregnancy Tracker (the most popular pregnancy app in the world), the WTE Fertility Tracker, the WTE Baby Name Finder, and due this spring, the WTE First Year Tracker (totally could have used this!).
  • The Bump.  Did you plan your wedding using The Knot?  Or refer to The Nest for home buying tips or throwing your first house warming party?  Then check out The Bump, which is from the creators of The Knot and The Nest. The Bump gives first-time parents the lowdown on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies with advice, stylish ideas, local resources, and interactive tools – in the same great format as it predecessors.
  • Babble.  Babble’s attempt to “explore the world of parenting on a daily basis with ruthless honestly and humor,” successfully provides parents with exceptional service content and incisive, honest essays about parenting.  From advice to new parents to realistic articles about how life will not slow down once you have your baby, these articles make me laugh, commiserate, and benefit from some tried and true tips!
  • Celebrity Baby Blog. Celebrity Baby Blog is the hottest spot for the latest news on celebrity births, babies, children, moms, style and the things they love … okay, so this may add no real value beyond guilty pleasure, but so much fun none-the-less.
  • A-LIST MOM. This is a free daily e-mail newsletter and website that delivers trendy, useful products and services for babies, tots and moms.  I was hooked after reading about a product to “stop playroom sprawl” … now we can contain my son’s Lego obsession!
  • Cool Mom Picks This is a popular shopping blog for cool products for kids and moms alike.  “Cool picks” include non-mainstream products and services (from peanut butter alternatives to really comfy loafers); they claim to weed out things “that suck.”  Which can save you time, right?  And time is money!
  • Project Nursery. is a leading resource site dedicated to baby’s 1st room and beyond.  Business partners (and moms!) Melisa Fluhr and Pamela Ginocchio started this site help real parents how to take charge of their own design and decorating projects. Get inspired by their constantly updated project gallery or their video “how-tos.”
  • Baby Gizmo.  Mom of three, Hollie Schultz, evolved her fussiness with baby products into an independent product testing and research coalition of moms, pediatrician and child development experts from around the country.  With her video product reviews, it’s even better than going to the store myself – which is hard to do as a new mom!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a sampling of some sites we like.  I’m sure you have some other sites you think other moms should know about, so please share them with us.  Add it below or on our facebook comments … we love hearing from you.

Window Treatments for your Nursery

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Baby is on the way, and it’s time to get serious about decorating your nursery. After all, first impressions matter, and you don’t want your newborn’s first memory to be “oh my, this woman has no fashion sense.”  But it could take you several years of studying and thousands of dollars to get a design degree … or will it?

Rest easy, because Carousel Designs is here to help you easily transform that nursery into a showplace that any 8 day-old child would be proud of … and it all starts with the windows.  But how do you create a nursery that has windows that are both practical and attractive?

It’s simple: dress up those windows with drapes, valances, or both. Drapes can be used to block light and sound, heat and cold … valances can hide unsightly hardware. And both are also extraordinarily decorative and add enormous personality to a room. Let’s fast track you on your advanced degree in nursery design:

Nursery Design 101 – Valances

Valances are the fabric coverings that are utilized as frames for the windows and can cover the curtain rod. They give the windows a touch of elegance or softness, especially if used alone.

The use of valances without any curtains or drapes can make a small room look bigger, airy and open.  The use of valances with drapes can give a more dramatic look or bold statement, enhancing the look of the drapes.

We offer two types of valances:

1. Tab-top valances. Tab-top valances have tabs hanging from the curtain rod, usually in a contrasting/coordinating color.  This type of valance is perfect if you have a decorative rod that you do not want to cover. Tab-top valances measure approximately 64″ wide, with a 16″ drop.



2. Window Valance with Accent Trim (aka balloon valance). This type of valance covers the rod, and typically the fabric for the rod pocket is a different, but coordinating fabric from the rest of the valance. It can drape straight down or be stuffed to give the balloon effect. These valances measure approximately 84″ wide, with an 18″ drop.

Nursery Design 201 – Drapes

Our coordinating drapes are a perfect way to finish off your nursery. And if deciding between valances or drapes or both wasn’t enough, you also have several options when it comes to drapes.

  • Tie top or hidden tab. Tie top has ties that tie at the top like this.  Hidden tab have a rod pocket like this.
  • Length.  We offer drapes in three different lengths: 64″, 84″, and 96″.
  • Width.  You can then choose if they would like the panel width to be 25.5″ or 42″.

Not sure?  This article offers great insight into how to hang drapes to make your room and windows look larger.

  • Lining. We also offer a standard cotton liner or blackout liner to go with your drapes.  Blackout liners block the harsh sunlight during naptime and will not pose any kind of danger to your child. Whether or not you need these liners depends on the way the room faces (sun beaming in early or mid afternoon), and also on the child (some children can sleep through anything, others need noise machines, blackout liners, etc).

Okay, play the graduation march. You now have your advanced degree in nursery design. Check out our Nursery Designer to customize your crib bedding and show us the inner designer in you!