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How to Use the Hottest New Color in your Nursery

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


It doesn’t even sound that interesting.

Yet for years, beige has been the neutral tone of choice is many homes as well as the bane of my existence (anybody else out there think it’s near impossible to pick a shade of beige that’s not too green, or too blue, or too pink, or too yellow?).

But new color trends point to a resurgence of gray, both warm and cool, in today’s home interiors. We’ve seen this versatile color rise in popularity in both fabrics and paints, giving us something new and fresh to use as either a base color, or a focal point.

Gray is a quiet, calming color that can create a soothing interior…perfect for a baby’s nursery. When paired with other trendy color tones, gray can offer excitement and style. Use gray as a base color and pair it with brighter shades like yellow or pink, both of which are complemented by the neutrality of gray.

Black and whites are also excellent color choices and when used in home décor with gray, are sophisticated and chic. And of course, nothing evokes the sense of the ocean more than a home (or nursery) decorated in a combination of gray and white highlights.

Where to start?  Try our newest collection, Gray Damask (pictured above).  It’s fresh and modern yet soft and sweet.  We paired it with a neutral buff fabric to warm it up, but the possibilities are endless. Swap out the buff with a brighter color and personalize the collection so that it’s perfect for you and your baby.

And say, “sayonara” to beige.

Not Sure? Two Words: Fabric Swatches

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

I just spoke with a customer that was trying to decide on some different fabrics.  For her, seeing the fabric made all the difference.

Our website is very helpful and you can many times place your order without seeing the actual fabric/product beforehand.  However, so many times being able to see the actual fabric ultimately drives your purchasing decision.

For that reason, we highly recommend you order fabric swatches from us prior to placing your order.  You’ll see the area to order fabric swatches on every single product page on our website.  So, if it is a page where you can add a bumper, sheet, or some other product to your shopping cart–you can also order the swatches.