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How to Create a Gender Neutral Nursery

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

What has become of tradition? In every walk of life, from the way we communicate to the way we dress, the old way of doing things, the traditional way, has changed. High definition TV, Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, need I say more? The world is changing, so why are we still confined to the norms of nursery design?

In this spirit, I ask you, why does a boy’s room need to be blue, or a girl‘s room pink. Why not create a gender-neutral nursery, or even a gender-neutral room that incorporates pink, blue, or both! Not crazy about the idea? Try these ideas on for size:

Color! Gender neutral used to mean shades of green and yellow but you are not confined to those traditionally neutral colors. Many of these color combinations can be tweaked to go either way (boy or girl) depending on fabric and furniture.

  • White, Ivory and Beige. Start with a neutral wall color and crib bedding set – such as Solid White, Ecru, or Organic Ivory – and accent with unexpected vibrant color.
  • Navy and White. Not just for nautical or ocean inspired nurseries, navy and white can easily be accented with green, orange or pink for a preppy or modern style nursery.
  • Tangerine and Turquoise.  This color combination looks great with pink, for a girl, or throw in blue and brown if you have a boy…or both if you have twins (one of each!)
  • Yellow and Gray.  Think beyond yellow and green and pair pastel yellow with Silver Gray and white for a modern, soft combination. Or a brighter yellow with Steel Gray for more of a contrast.
  • Turquoise and Light Lime.  This color combination can be soothing, light and airy…shown in this beautiful Turquoise Floral Fabric (more on patterns later).

Themes! Having trouble picking a gender-neutral color combination? Pick a theme – you can find inspiration from nearly anywhere; many inspirations for an entire nursery can come from a favorite decal or print.

  • Animals. Does the adorable owl in this weeDECOR wall decal speak to you? Go with owls. Or check out our Gray Zoology crib bedding set to pack more punch (or more animals). If your older children are obsessed with sock monkeys and Blabla dolls (not technically animals)…incorporate this adorable Sock Monkey fabric in your nursery design.
  • Nature. Have you fallen in love with a sweet nursery wall mural or print inspired by nature?  Use those colors and design your own set, knowing the color combination is inspired by favorite artwork.
  • Letters. The same could be true for an alphabet inspired nursery…you may love the look of wooden letters or Custom Wooden Alphabet Wall Art on the wall. And you will be amazed how your little one will enjoy it too in a few years upon recognition.

Patterns! Sure there are some traditionally gender neutral patterns…such as geometrics, dots & stripes, toiles, and damask, but let’s think outside the box. What about florals and paisleys?  Traditionally these patterns have leaned towards feminine designs, but we’ve found that there are ways to include floral (aka fancy foliage) or paisley patterns in a gender neutral nursery.  Many patterns that lean one way (feminine) or another (masculine), can work by accenting with a neutral or opposite gender color, material, or pattern.

The great thing about creating a nursery these days, is there is no “right way” and your options are almost limitless. You really can choose palettes that reflect your style and fit in with the décor of the rest of the home. Enough about what we think, what do you think about these gender neutral ideas?




The Design Tool for the Non-Designer

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

We are still amazed by all the designs submitted in our “Design Your Dream Baby Bedding” contest…and while we obviously have many creative fans and customers, you don’t have to be a designer to use our Nursery Designer® tool.  I did not get the creative gene in my family, but even so, I’ve designed 2 of my kids bedding sets using the Nursery Designer® and it made me feel like a creative genius. You too can be creative genius – here’s your roadmap…

  • Create.  To get started, you have the option of browsing over 100 designed collections.  Also, our  “Ideas and Inspirations” page is updated periodically by our design team, and gives you a starting point from which you can customize any set to your own personal taste.  Or start from scratch with a theme, color, or pattern.  From there, let our design tool help you choose from over 300 fabric options that match your concept and match each other.  By selecting the “show only matching fabric option,” you’ll feel like you have your very own personal decorator.
  • Visualize.  When walking into a house, I know right away if I like the décor, but ask me to decorate a room on my own and I draw a blank – I have to see it.  Well you have that option with the Nursery Designer®.  Pick a wall color, floor color and crib color to allow you to “see” what the bedding will look like in your nursery.
  • Collaborate.  Although you may not want your husband’s mom and sisters to weigh in on your new baby’s name, you may want their input on the nursery design. Share your design with them and get their feedback.  Heck, if you take their input on the design, they may even forgive you for not naming the little one after them.

So you see, our Nursery Designer® tool is not just for those with the “creative” gene…we hope almost anyone can use or get ideas from it.  If you would like a video tutorial on how it works, check out Holly’s review from And then try it for yourself!