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Standard Crib and Mini Crib – How are they different?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

From the names alone you can see that the most distinct difference between a standard crib and a mini crib is that the mini crib is smaller. Both have features that make them unique. For example, a mini crib is sometimes called a portable crib. So when you’re on vacation or going to grandma’s house, you can easily take a portable crib with you, depending on the style.

Because a mini crib is smaller than a standard size crib, some parents choose mini cribs because of limited space or because the cost is lower than a standard crib – smaller size, smaller price. However, I know parents that have used both types of cribs.

One reason parents choose a standard crib is because it’s more traditional and versatile. Today, many standard cribs are designed to transform into a toddler bed as the child grows up. This is helpful since cribs can be expensive, so when your child can no longer sleep in the crib – voila – you’re all set! When you are ready to switch from a crib to a bed, here are some useful tips from one of our past blogs: How to Transition Your Toddler into a Bed.

Since standard and mini cribs are different sizes, you need the right accessories to fit them. For example, a standard crib mattress is 28-inches wide and 52-inches long. A mini crib mattress is 24-inches wide and 38-inches long. You will not be able to use a standard crib sheet on a mini crib, and vice versa. However, Carousel Designs offers bedding to fit both – standard and mini crib mattresses.

Did you know that mini crib mattresses come in different depths? Well Carousel Designs offers ALL their portable crib sheets in two different depths. For the thinner portable crib mattress, you can use the 1 – 4″ depth, and for the thicker portable crib mattress, similar in depth to a standard crib mattress, you can select the 5 – 6″ depth. Simply select the depth you need from the drop down option on the portable crib sheet of your choosing.

Whether you have a standard crib or a mini crib, Carousel Designs offers bedding collections for both. As your child grows up, we can even provide the coordinating toddler bedding so you can keep the nursery décor you worked so hard on.

Most of the baby bedding products we offer are completely customizable.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your choices, so our customer service team is here to help.

Do you have a mini crib? What do you use it for – home, travel? Please share!

Hello Spring!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Ah, springtime! It’s so nice to finally be able to open a window and take a casual stroll outside without bundling up under several layers of clothing. Depending on where you live, you may have already packed up your winter wear; I know I did!

So what are you planning on doing this spring? Being outside is so therapeutic when the weather is mild. Many fun activities are available again now that seasonal businesses are open. What is available in your hometown?

Playgrounds and Parks – While many parks don’t necessarily close during the winter time, it’s not the most enjoyable time to try to pack up the kids with their two coats and three hats to brave the cold. Now that spring is here, everything is a little greener. Also, I’ve noticed that some local parks are a little cleaner since the caretakers are preparing for families to start coming back. Why not pack a snack and hit the swings? Parks and playgrounds can be a great venue to take some adorable photos and make some lasting memories.

The Zoo – If there is a zoo nearby your home, this is definitely a must do in the springtime. It’s so cute to see how babies react when they see a new animal for the first time. Now that the temperatures are warming up, the animals become more visible and active. All of the animals that your little one has only seen in their books come alive.

Outdoor Markets – The first week in April, many communities begin to organize a weekly outdoor market.  These outdoor events are a place the whole family can enjoy – including the pets. Since they usually are open on the weekends, many parents are off from work and older children are out of school. Here you can find local entrepreneurs who’ve grown produce, made handcrafted art, and created a tasty treat, like empanadas and iced fruit teas. Sometimes there are even local bands serenading in the background of the festivities. We did this last weekend in Charleston, SC, and it was a delight!

Trails and Sidewalks – If you’re like me and hibernate in the winter (do nothing physically and eat double your body weight in chocolate and bread), then you’re ready to get moving. If you have a new baby, you burn extra calories as a ‘perk’ by pushing the stroller ahead of you.  Hey, we need motivation, so I’m looking at the glass half full here. If you live in a large neighborhood you may have a trail right outside your door, and if not, a sidewalk is a blessing if you have one. Take advantage of the pavement provided and enjoy the cool breeze with your little ones.

Please give us some more ideas. What are you looking forward to this spring?