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Blog, Blog, Blog

Monday, March 12th, 2012

If you browse the internet, you may have noticed that blogs are becoming more and more popular. Countless individuals are sharing their perspectives, stories, and tips. Many companies also have their own blogs, including this one – Carousel Designs.

A blog can be a lot of fun to write. However, you may run into blogger’s block. It helps when you have a theme to start with. This blog for example, reaches out to mothers and moms-to-be, while also touching on topics that may interest family and friends of an expecting mother.

So what’s all the blogging about? It’s a lot of fun interacting with our readers and customers. Considering we are posting on the World Wide Web, we have the chance to hear from moms from all over the world. The blog also connects through Facebook which helps us get to know even more of our readers and customers.

Another reason to blog is the opportunity to share a little bit about yourself. Over the years, Carousel Designs has shared our dedication to baby bedding. From Douglasville, Georgia, USA, Carousel Designs employs a great team of people to carefully construct your baby’s first bedding set.  Through this blog, we have been able to introduce you to a few members of the team, and we’re looking forward to introducing even more – very soon.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers and offer an extra thank you for your comments. We live in a busy time, and we appreciate the moments you took to share your thoughts with us.

Have you started a blog? What is it about? The topics that are important to you are important to us! Please share them with us.

14″ or 20″ Crib Skirt – What’s the Difference?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Many of our customers have questions on how to choose a crib skirt length. You’ll notice that for every crib collection Carousel Designs offers two sizes of crib skirts: 14” and 20.” What’s the difference?

Cribs are designed with different height settings for the mattress to fit the needs of growing babies. So when your baby is brand new, you’ll most likely use the highest crib setting. This means that you can reach into the crib and easily pick up your sweet bundle of love. However, as babies grow and begin to stand and climb, the mattress setting needs to be lowered to accommodate the growth of your little one and ensure that your baby is safe.

As a result, the space under the mattress will change. So which size is right for you? Well, the 20” skirt is designed for when the crib mattress is at the highest setting. The 14” crib skirt is designed for the lower settings. Some of our customers purchase both sizes so they will be ready for all growth stages.

However, it really depends on the look you want to achieve. Do you want the crib skirt to ‘sweep’ the floor, or do you prefer a bit of space between the bottom of the crib skirt and the nursery floor? Your answer will help to determine if you want the 14”, 20”, or both!

For me, it helps when I can see an example. Why not browse through our crib bedding collections to get an idea of what look you want. Then you can play around with the Nursery Designer to see what the different lengths look like.

Nursery Designer

When you are viewing the Nursery Designer, simply select the Bedding Options button under the photo area and select the Skirt tab. You can select 14” or 20”. You can even change the trim options. If you like, you can add a trim and accent to your crib skirt(s).

Crib Skirt Options















This is such an exciting time for you and your family. You deserve to have some fun choosing all the pieces for you baby’s crib bedding – including the skirt!

We want you to have fun and feel comfortable about your purchases. If you still have questions about choosing your crib skirt, or anything else, please give us a call. We look forward to assisting you!