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Birthday Party Dilemma

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

What a difference a year makes! Last year was my daughter’s third birthday, and it did not require hours of planning to arrange a trip for the kids to the aquarium and then have her little cousins over for cupcakes and hot dogs later that evening in the backyard.  And she couldn’t have been a happier 3 year old.

This year, however, she started preschool and we’ve had a yearlong parade of her classmates birthday parties; theme parties, tea parties, bowling parties, just to name a few.

So naturally, she’s been asking about her birthday this year.  She wants a party and she wants everyone to come!  Well, I am running out of time and need to make a decision.  Normally, it would be easy to have her classmates to our house, but half our yard will be newly planted grass from a construction project we’re finishing up.

We’ve thought about a “pony” party at the local stables, (however I panicked when they talked about a waiver), Chuck E Cheese, and the local YMCA, but nothing strikes us as the perfect venue. Usually we are asking our subscribers for their design ideas, but today, we’re tapping you for your other creative talents.  Let us know if you’ve struck gold on the birthday party front.  Your suggestion could help a sweet little four year old have a very special birthday, and would be greatly appreciated by her parents!



A Nautical Mile

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Summer is coming!  It is evident by the nautical themes in fashions and interior designs that we’re seeing in various magazines and catalogs.  And if that’s not enough proof of summer’s imminent arrival, how’s this: our Marketing Director is on a beach vacation right now.  What more proof do you need?

Not surprisingly, we’ve fielded many questions from our customers wondering if we’ve ever thought of creating a nautically themed bedding set, with anchors, sails, waves, and all the other imagery that accompany that summertime/waterfront mindset.

Our lead designer, Rose, has worked with customers on creating a nautical theme in their nursery.  Although we don’t have a specific nautical bedding set, many nautically themed décor items and room accessories look great with striped or solid bedding.  We scanned the web and found some cute “salt life” nursery accessories featured on

Hand-Painted Nautical Drawer Pulls. Drawer pulls or knobs are easy to switch out…and these would add the perfect hint of nautical charm (ahoy matey).

Sail Away Mobile.  Accent the crib with this mobile, and you’re sure to raise a little sailor (or more likely a wee pirate..Aaarrr).

Sailboat and Anchor Print Set or Sail Boat Canvas.  These simple prints will brighten any nursery with a nautical theme (shiver me timbers, you scurvy sea dog!).

This is only the tip of the iceberg (or compass).  There are numerous items (pillows, lamps, hooks), you could use to accessorize and bring the ocean into your child’s room.  And if you do end up on a beach vacation, check out the local shops for a print, pillow, or trinket.  These types of items can be extra special in a nursery, reminding you of a special trip before or with your little one.

We’d love to hear from you on what island-style inspirations you come across on your travels this summer.  Send us a note or a picture on facebook, or upload a video to our YouTube channel.  Maybe your experiences will inspire Rose to design a new nautical themed bedding set for that little sailor girl or boy in your family.