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How To Properly Install A Crib Bumper

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Note: This was a previously-published blog post that our readers found extremely helpful…so I’ve made a few updates and posted it again.  Let us know if there are any other “how-to” topics you would find helpful!

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It’s arrived!!

No, not the little bundle of joy you have been waiting for – your nursery bedding! You anxiously unwrap it, anticipating how wonderful it is going to look on your new crib.

One key to a beautiful and safe nursery is the proper installation of crib bedding, especially the crib bumper. We have prepared this step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your new crib bedding.

Keep in mind that the bumper should fit tightly in order to provide the most security and safety. Some fabrics, such as minky, have more stretch than others. As all fabrics and patterns differ it is important to understand the fundamentals of installing the crib bumper to ensure the perfect fit.

Step 1: After unwrapping your crib bumper, look closely at each of the 3-sectioned panels at both ends of the bumper. You will notice that one of the 3-paneled end sections will be slightly shorter than the other.

You will want to start with the shortest end section. It is important that you begin by securing the corner of the short end piece to the back corner of either the headboard or footboard of the crib.

Step 2: Securely tie the corner piece of the short end to the back corner crib post.

Step 3: Position the bumper around the inside rails with the corner seams placed accordingly. The ties should be facing the outside of the bumper.

Step 4: Firmly pull the back section of the bumper until it is tight along the back rails and fasten at the other back corner (back corner #2). This may require more tension on fabrics that have a lot of stretch or “give”to them. Remember, it is important that the bumper is taut.

Step 5: Once the back corners are secure you may tie the center back ties for extra reinforcement. Now the crib bumper should be firmly attached along the back of the crib.

Step 6: Now you are ready to tie the front corners of the crib bumper in the same manner. Tie the front corner pieces to the front crib posts. Work around to the final corner where the two ends meet.

Step 7: Using the ties from the short end (Step 1) and the ties on the front section, secure both of these to the front corner crib post. To prevent gapping, criss-cross the ties before tying around the post.

Step 8: Lastly, secure the center ties on the front.

Voila! You now have a perfectly fitting crib bumper.

Now all that is left to do is stand back and admire your new nursery! And of course, decide on the drapes!


Celebrity Nursery: Rachel Dratch (& Carousel Designs) on the Nate Berkus Show!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

It’s always exciting when celebrities choose to outfit their baby’s nursery with our baby bedding, so it was a blast seeing SNL comedian, Rachel Dratch, on “The Nate Berkus Show” this week talking about how she made space for her upcoming arrival in her tiny NYC apartment!

If you’re not familiar with Nate Berkus, he’s an interior decorator from Chicago who’s been one of Oprah’s regular guests and go-to guys for home design.

He premiered “The Nate Berkus Show” last week in which he offers design and style advice to viewers (and a really interesting interview with Elizabeth Edwards about how redecorating is helping her reclaim her life).

He’s also authored the book, Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You’ll Love, so we were thrilled when his producer called us to have some very special crib bedding made for Rachel and her baby boy.

Rachel chose to use our Nursery Designer to create custom baby bedding for her nursery, but it’s very similar to our Black & White Dots & Stripes crib bedding collection.  Click “customize this collection” to personalize the bedding and make it your own.

And because I was so inspired by Rachel and her funny girl antics (and because I fancy myself a great replacement for David Letterman should he EVER retire), I came up with my very own Top 5 List after watching the show…

Top Five Things I learned from Rachel Dratch on the Nate Berkus Show:

  1. Her very elusive “baby daddy” is Donald Trump (yeah, she’s really funny);
  2. She and “the Donald” have named the baby Hercules (though I’m happy to report that when she had the baby on September 8, she ended up going with Eli);
  3. Rachel’s guilty pleasure is trolling “dumb” websites at night (as opposed to reading parenting mags…who needs ‘em?);
  4. She and friend (and SNL comedian) Amy Poeller were “pregger buddies” this “heinously hot” summer; and,
  5. Amy Poeller advocates enjoying an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy (those crazy comedians).

Anyway, Rachel was thrilled with her newly designed nursery and we’re equally thrilled to count her as a customer!

Congrats, Rachel!