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Cheap Baby Bedding

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I was visiting a new parent forum the other day and noticed a mother-to-be discussing how much she should pay for toddler bedding.  It was an interesting read because she was strictly concerned with price, at first.  And then some other people chimed in with recommendations regarding quality.  It made me consider how we use the word “cheap” and how that term relates to “quality.”

Cheap reminds me of the low-cost pots and pans I bought when I first graduated from college and moved into my own apartment.  (Ok, we all did that, right?)  I didn’t pay much initially, but within several months, the pot handles were falling off and I eventually had to replace all of my cookware.  Lesson learned.  Not only did cheap not satisfy my needs, I had to make a second purchase of cookware because I did not consider quality during my first purchase.

Quality is the relative measure of excellence – the relationship of cost verses value.  The highest quality product is almost never the one that costs the least and it is often not the most expensive either.  I am a big fan of research, especially before buying a big ticket item, and I have found that quality can be a mix of objective testing (How well does it hold up in the wash?) and highly subjective factors (How good did it look?).

One thing that has been a persistent focus at Carousel Designs is quality.  At the same time, we are also able to offer inexpensive baby bedding because there is no middleman to inflate prices.  We design and manufacture everything here in our Douglasville, Georgia facility and that makes us uniquely positioned to offer high quality at lower prices.

I took a look at some of our customer testimonials and thought I would share some of the recent comments.  One word that I didn’t see was “cheap”.
There were several references to “great prices”, “reasonably priced” and “fair prices”.
And the word that I found repeated more than any other was “quality”.  It was mentioned dozens of times.

“I would have paid the same amount for a much lesser quality in a national retail store…”
“Thank you for the speedy delivery, and the outstanding quality of your product…”
“It is so rare, these days, to find such high quality items made in this country. I will recommend Designs to all of my friends. Thanks!”


What is Minky?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Minky is a modern “micro-fiber” fabric that is amazingly soft.  It is quick-drying, highly absorbent, and actually quite strong.  And unlike true mink, minky fabric is completely vegan.

My introduction to minky came when someone gave us a minky crib sheet at our baby shower.  Although it was clearly a soft and luxurious sheet, I was somewhat resistant to the idea of minky because it wasn’t made of cotton.  But as circumstances quickly change when there is an infant in the house, I ended up trying the minky crib sheet out of desperation one evening.  That was when my daughter was about 6 months old. She seemed to like the minky sheet just fine.

However, when I later tried to replace the minky sheet with a cotton sheet, it became clear that my daughter preferred, er, demanded, minky.  That night when we put her down to bed, she immediately started crying.  She was fed, changed and otherwise comfortable so we were puzzled.  After about 20 minutes of high decibel protests, my wife asked me, “Could it be the sheet?”

I sprang into action and ran downstairs, got the minky sheet from the stack of folded laundry and quickly replaced the cotton sheet.  Five minutes later, our baby was asleep.  Needless to say, we bought a couple of extra minky sheets and haven’t looked back.